Thursday, June 06, 2013

Lust to Lust's lenses

If you have been searching for contact lenses, now you're at the right place.

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My mom and me both wear lenses so yay! I can share this sponsorship with her.
Luckily the dear boss allowed me to choose 2 degrees (sponsoring my mom as well)

This is what my mom wore this mom.
GEO Lens CM-835

I have personally wore this before and this is how it looks.

My old picture look kinda chubby right? HAHAHAHA. I think I was about 47 - 48kg at that time.

It is not so dark in reality and I feel that there is a visible tinge of blue instead of grey when worn.

This time round, I am back to the pink diamond!
Super Barbie Series.

If you're wondering how it looks when worn....

It look as though you have teary eyes.

To order the lenses, please visit: Lust to Lush

They close their preorder on every 9th of the month.

Do check out their June's sales!

Many brands awaits. Do check them out! :)

Lust to Lush
Lust to Lush
Lust to Lush