Thursday, July 11, 2013

[Beauty] My First Personalized Trove

As mentioned earlier, you can now pick whatever you want in your trove now!

Do not worry about paying $25 for things that you can use.
Vanity Trove has now solve this headache of yours as you can fill you box for up to 8 items of your own choice!

And yes, you have already seen this picture. But I can't emphasize on how pretty the new box is!!!

Below are the 6 items that I had picked for my first personalized trove.

1. GO60 GO60 Mask
2. GabaNite
3. Cottage Garden - Pure Pansy
4. Cottage Garden - Wild Rose
5. Cottage Garden - Sweet Melon
6. Avance Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

I have initially tried GO60 in the previous trove but I kinda like it so I chose another one for this trove.

As for the hand cream, I COULDN'T DECIDE WHICH SCENT I REALLY WANT. I went weak when I saw the floral designs and pastel colours on the tube. I thought Sweet Melon hand
cream was really unique as well. Ahhh, Greedy me. Vanity Trove spoilt me with choices.

And what can you see here? FULL SIZE SAMPLES. Yes, I picked the full sized samples. If you're quick enough, you can probably pick them too!

Trust me, the value of these items are way above $25 (the cost of a trove). I saw the hand cream and it was stated in the web that the retail price is at $30/tube. Worth it right?!?!?!

As for the GabaNite, It is really something I need as I have been suffering from insomnia. And this trove also opened up my choices to eyemake up remover. I have been using the same brand of eyemakeup remover forever and it's time i move on.....

Sooo.. Thank you Vanity Trove for the opportunity to try out the different products that I have been wanting to try or need.

I must say that I am extremely satisfied with this box.


You can create your own trove too!

Simple visit and create an account! :)

Happy shopping and trying!