Monday, July 01, 2013

Lust to Lush - Grey Lumie

And my eye colour for this month will be grey.

BeuBerry Lumie 3 tones grey

I have tried so many different types of grey and lenses.
My favourite brand would still be GEO but if you're talking about grey,
it would be this Lumie 3 tones grey.
It doesn't look fake, loud or barbie. To me, it's not too over and the tone is just right.
I find GEO's grey a little blueish, hence, not as natural. 
However, GEO was my first colored lenses, and still my favourite.
A second brand is now added to my favourite list - BeuBerry.
I have no idea how the rest of the colours will turn out though.
Lust to Lush is now having a promotion for all their lenses before 9th July.
BeuBerry is available at $12/pair and $11/pair if you order between 2 - 4 pairs.
5 pairs and above at $10.50/pair and more than 5 at $10/pair.
Remember to head over to their facebook and place your order.
The seller is a nice lady! :)