Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[Lifestyle] Home is where the heart is - HDB Story

Unlike other countries, Singapore is a very small island, we do not have sufficient space to build landed houses to cater to everyone residing in Singapore.

In Paris, we have land and flowers.

In United Kingdom, we have land, castles, and space.

In UK as well (Newcastle), we have spaces for cows to roam freely.

And in Singapore? We have Merlion, greens and HDB.

HDB is everywhere here. I would say that it is also one of Singapore's most unique trademark because not all countries has such high rise building.

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Like most of you out there, I live in a HDB flat. To me, HDB represents Singapore, and in short - Home.

Since I grew up living in HDBs all my life, I have a lot of memories in them.

When my sister and I were still a baby, or rather, a toddle, we celebrated our 1st birthday in HDB. There was no hotel or chalet celebrations back then.

Home was the most IN thing. They contained so much laughters of ours, and hide us well when we are in pain, for instance, crying. So it all boils down to HDB - our shelter.

This was my first home. It was located at Bukit Gombak where majority of my relatives were staying back then.

In those days, camwhoring in toilets or taking photoshoots were not that famous as well. So guess what was the most preferred way of taking photos?

Sit down at your own sofa at home with your sister, get your parents to buy Films and put them into big black cameras and SHOOT. No digital cameras, no fancy clothing. Just the natural side of us.

Home is all about being cosy.

Time flies. And we had all grown up. We are no longer the babies in the photos and HDB has another added another meaning to our lives.

Growing up and getting married is just another process in life.

My cousin, who went to applied for BTO flat with his fiancé few years ago near their parents and got their 4 room flat HDB flat ready earlier this year.

This marks a new beginning in their life. And HDB is no longer just birthday celebrations, it is also the creation of a new nest, a new family for new weds.

HDB serves another purpose, another memory and story about to begin at this phase of life.

I was one of her "Jie Mei" for her traditional wedding and wedding dinner during her big day. I was truly happy for all. As she was also staying in a HDB flat, the gate crash was held at her place.

Just in case you're wondering what was in my hands, they were Wasabi and Bitter gourd.

Another family member of hers, KOKO, the 2 year old poodle who adds noise and joy to the family and the flat.

The ladies, all ready for the gate crash.

After a long torturing process for the groom, all we got was 2 $1000 notes with his face as the guy in the notes. LOLOL.

We let him in in the end. But he would have to pay us back during Chinese New Year next year. Just empty his wallet and let us win it all - another event, which is also held at home, and majority of us, HDB.

After all the difficulties, it was time to head over to their new flat.

Though empty (as the renovation works were completed not long ago), but I could foresee a warm and happy nest in the future.

I do personally feel that HDB connects people together. Strangers could become neighbors and from neighbors, they could become friends. My parents are good examples. My mom has good friends/neighbors whom she would walk to the park with after dinner every night and my dad has friends he could talk to and seek advice with.

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It's a blessing to be connected in such a way. We don't know how it began, but is just did. It is just this amazing how a simple block of flats could bring people together.


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