Monday, September 23, 2013

[Beauty] Passion Goat Milk Bath Series

Give your skin some love. So feed them with some moisture.

Goat's milk is famous for it's moisturizing and skin softening properties which keeps your skin hydrated.

We have heard a lot about hydration from facial skincare but not so much on the whole body's hydration yet.

The creamy texture also keeps your skin safe from harmful UV rays. 

And Passion has generously sent all 5 BIG (1.5L) bottles of them for me to try.

My first thought was "OMG I want the white one!!" because it is enriched with Collagen and Anti aging properties. Seriously, how many brands of body wash can you find with collagen added to it?!

I kept 4 bottles for myself/family and gave boyfriend a bottle.

I was quite a tortoise because I thought the colour of the body wash would be similar to the colour of the bottles. But nah, it wasn't.
All of them looked exactly the same like the picture below with a very creamy rich texture.

My boyfriend picked the Milk Bath with Reishi Extracts.

Reishi extracts has properties like anti oxidants that protects the skin from free radicals (which can be cancer causing!!) and helps to preserve the youthfulness and sustains softness for beautiful skin. It was also said to lightens the skin tone.

I was initially skeptical of the smell because I don't like Chinese herbs or that has anything to do with it.

But when I opened it up, it smells really good! So my boyfriend went home to shower with this immediately.

He texted me this the next day "I had such a good sleep. I think it was because of body wash. It smells good and the smells reminded me of you".

So I conclude that Passion Goat Milk Bath has this relaxing ability and keeps one fresh and happy.
As for me..........

I was really sticky and smelly after half a day of fishing.
(Thank thankfully, I am using Passion Goat, so I was protected from the harmful UV rays as well!!)

When I reached home, all I wanted was a hot shower and off to bed.

But Passion Goat Milk Bath gave me more, like the extremely nice smelling fragrance and the power to keep me feeling fresh.

I always have an extremely good sleep after that.

Not exaggerating but it smells a little like baby powder (White). I don't even have to spray my perfume after I shower in the morning.

Just for you to know if you're interested. The one in yellow is enriched with Brown Rice Nutrients while the pink one is enriched with Tsubaki Extracts. Lastly, the purple bottle is filled with Lavender extracts.

Pink is my mom's favorite!

Thank you Passion, now my loved ones are feeling as good as me! 
And together, we can have smooth skins as well as feeling protected at the same time!

The milk bath is available at leading supermarkets as well as Watons at $6.90 ONLY!

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