Monday, September 23, 2013

I watched it grew

Again, back with another Life's good post because I am happy with my blog, My Fat Pocket, Family, Love, work and friends. It seems like everything is kinda back on track (except that a part of me had already died off 1 year and 9months ago).

Attended the 987 RSVP Beats Party at Butter Factory 3 weeks ago as the photobooth model.

I think I don't ever wanna keep bangs anymore. They are so hard to maintain and they made me look too young.

Some photos with DJs and bloggers. We were really honored because we were the only 3 bloggers invited. Woooo~

Lovely Amanda, as always.

One of the mutton from Muttons to Midnight. Mehhhh Mehhhhh.

Gorgeous Rozz.

It's Dee Kosh in the house yo!

Recent hauls:

Vintage shades which I bought 2 months ago and only had the chance to wear it recently lol.

Aries Gold Watch ($328) from Aries Gold and Carrie K Nut and Bolt Bracelet ($198).

Ain't got no money for Pandora Charms :x

Was shopping for materials and bought these beads and designed it into a bracelet for my mom.
It turned out Pandora-ish :O

Sperry Top Sider which was 2 size bigger than my size. I had to stuff TISSUE PAPERS inside!
About 1/4 of the inner sole are probably just tissue papers.

Dinner with the uni mates at Poulet @ Vivo last weekend.

Their services really deserve 5 stars from me. Will surely head back for dinner again.


Fell sick (as usual) again last week and my colleagues told me that they could tell if I am sick or not by looking at my eyes.

I can still camwhore at 37.9 degree celsius because the virus haven't really kick in yet.
Can you tell if I am sick from the picture below?

Look at the picture above, and look at the first picture in this entry again.

OMG MY HAIR GEW TOO FAST! You can tell from the fringe! It was barely 1 month!

And ending off this post with my cute baby *sayang sayang*

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