Tuesday, October 15, 2013

[Beauty] Simple Spotless Skin Range

Simple is definitely not some new brand. The first time I used Simple was when I was in London and my skin was flaking like crazy. A friend recommended me to try Simple - Hydrating Light Moisturizer and I kept using it even when I was already back in Singapore.

Today, Simple has come up with another new range - Visibly clearer sin with NEW Simple Spotless Skin Range.

The new range provides a gentle yet effective solution for acne, the bane of good skin.

What do you do when you have acne/pimple breakout? Most of you would quickly apply antiseptic lotions to ease the inflammation. But many a times, do you know that chemicals like those could be really harsh on your skin? It could even result in a more severe breakout!!

For people who apply makeups (or even if you don't), it is important that your skin is cleanse properly. Excess oil and impurities have to be removed from the skin so that they do not clog up the pores, causing undesirable consequences.

With proper cleansing, the skin will look healthier, following radiance. Only when your skin is clean, they are able to absorb the moisturizer and other products effectively.

This range contains no perfume, colour or harsh chemicals so that it is also suitable for acne-prone skin rather than causing more irritation to it.

The range emphasis on proper cleansing and is specially formulated with Zinc PLA which helps to moisturise and regulate sebum production. Chamomile, which is also found in the range soothes the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties.

First up is the Simple Spotless Skin Triple Action Face Wash. The face wash has microbeads inside for better cleansing by unclogging the pores and removing hidden dirt. It also has antibacterial effect which could be one of the cause of acne breakouts.

Products with antibacterial effects can be really harsh and causes the skin to be red and dry. But for Simple, they focus on gentle cleansing. Hence, this is also perfect for people who have dry or sensitive skin.

Followed by Spotless Skin Rapid Action Spot Zapper. This handy roll-on is tough on the spots but gentle on the skin. It helps to reduce the spot redness and size without irritating the skin.

You can try applying it at night and wake up to find your spots looking smaller in size. It is also said to see visible results in just 4 hours.

The roll on application also leaves the skin cool.

You can also find Simple Spotless Skin Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes and Simple Spotless Skin Deep Clean Cleansing Pads in the range.

The cleansing wipes is the key product in the new range which score high for its ease to use and the convenience it brings. Just wipe your face and neck with the product to remove make-up traces and impurities that can cause spots and blemishes.

I used to use cleansing wipes before removing the makeup with a milk cleanser for double cleansing purposes. I would also strongly recommend this to people who sweat often or people with oily skin. It wouldn't hurt to use a piece of two during the mid day to wipe away the sebum or impurities on your skin after half a day of work.

The cleansing pads complete the whole cleansing regime by targeting the t-zone area which is prone to blackheads and blemishes. You can use the pads after a face wash or the cleansing wipes. No rinsing is required after the wiping. It aims to clean out clogged pores and exfoliate skin. There are 60 pieces of pads in this small container. Definitely worth your money.

(Credits: inthereview.co.uk)

After reading through all these, shall we head to the stores to try them out?

Simple Spotless Skin range is available exclusively at selected Watsons stores with starting prices as low as $13.90!